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Very well known are the unique Bahnhofspromenaden (station promeades), shopping on 3 flloors in one of Europe's biggest stations, till 10 p.m. one can choose from about 140 shops - and of course there are Restaurants, Cafes etc.

More style and a rather relaxed atmosphere will be felt in the heart of the City with almost no traffic and stunning arcades like the world famous  Mädlerpassage. Throughout the City Centre there are shopping mals as well as small little private stores bur also the common labels like H&M etc.

Second-Hand shops ar mostly in Südvorstadt and Connewitz,one of the best known is Mrs. Hippie at Feinkost area.

Glühwein and Christmas feeling in December at Weihnachtsmarkt  - with the biggest Christmas-calendar in Germany.