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As a small choice of a big city there are, below the map, some suggestion what to do when thirsty, hungry or just feeling like having a beer:

Eating & Drinking

By arrival just get our own, pocketsized Free Leipzig City Map - with a lot of suggestions and most needed infos!


Strolling on one of the 3 best known pub-strips there is a good choice for anyone:

Another smaller one is Münzgasse and Karl Heine Straße, also withe a good choice of Bars & Restaurants.


Concerts & Events

Ilses Erika: Currently the most popular Leipziger cellar club with crazy shows such as "Show Cacola" ( TV shows are replayed live here), the sit-com "Zimmer frei", dealing with life in a shared flat or criminal "whodunnits" to take part in. Music : British pop/independent and generally what todays students like to hear. This is also where small concerts from bands such as Travis and Chumbawamba have taken place in front of small handpicked audiences.

Conne Island: Undoubtedly the spiritual home of Leipzigs stagedivers ! When in this internationally known club in Leipzigs Connewitz district, hardcore, punk, hip hop, ska or other concerts are staged, it's not only confetti that flies about. Audiences of up to 1000 people can be expected at the concerts of this autonomous centre. Ticket prices are around 7,50 - 10 Euro.

Werk 2: You'll find this large cultural centre (as well as a record shop and the Cafe Connstanze) in the old but renovated factory grounds directly on the Connewitzer crossroads. There´s always something happening here to suit all tastes.

NATO: Well situated on the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. The NATO today is a favourate meeting place for students in the southern suburbs of Leipzig. Live music - independent, jazz, experimental, cinema. Prices for live concerts around 7,50 Euro.

Moritzbastei: Or MB for short, is the largest student club in East Germany. In the old vaults under the university grounds in the city centre you'll find a cafe, bars, live music and discos on various floors.

Spizz: This jazz and music club is situated directly on Leipzigs marketplace. Live concerts but also jazz and funk discos.

Haus Auensee: This is where internationally known mainstream bands play. At the weekends there are usually discos here too. Situated slightly out of town in the middle of the Auenwald (Auen Wood), beside an idyllic lake.


Distillery: The best known andl oldest Techno-Club of the wild east of Germany


Sweat Club: Basement-location, Techno, House, Electro


Velvet: A bit bigger, a bit nicer, abit bettrer dressed...

Moritzbastei: Also known as "MB", is the biggest student club in East Germany. In old vaults underneath the University there is a Cafe, a Bar, Live-Musik and Disco non different floos. THE day to be there: Wednesday.

Cafe Waldi: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dancing at night - Waldi is always worth a visit.


DUKE: Small and suggested!


Nachtcafe: The finest in Black & House Music.


Spizz: By the "Markt" you find the Jazz- and Music-Club. Livegigsas well as FunkDiscos.


Darflower: Alternative Club - good to wear a darker color.


The alternative ones:


Winfried-v.-Kessler-Lichtwirtschaft: A small underground club in the Connewitzer Stockartstraße - a street synonomous at the beginning of the 90's for street fighting and Leipzigs squating scene. Connewitz is a lot quieter these days but the LIWI is still there. Mainly punk and hardcore. Holding around a hundred people it can get quite cramped. Entrance prices under 5 Euro. Bottled beer for 1,25 Euro.

Das Zoro: Found in the back buildings of Bornaische Str. 54, the Zoro has always been a cultural and political centre of Leipzigs scene. No shortage of rasta dreadlocks here, and with a quantity of dogs which could probably only be beaten by the cat and dog home. Music : harder stuff from punk to crust and grindcore. Prices similar to the LIWI. Every year in September there is a festival lasting several days here.


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